Hey 👋

My name's David, I'm a computer science and business student @UWaterloo

Nice to meet you! 😄

My interests are in Software Engineering, Entrepreneurship, and Finance.


I recently published a chrome extension that lets you follow your favorite clothing brands. Download it on the chrome web store. This project involved production-grade web scraping with puppeteer and serverless functions as a cheap way to bootstrap a scalable backend server.

Currently this only works for Aritzia, but I'm working on expanding to more stores.

Canada United  

Working at Lazer Technologies, I got the opportunity to work with RBC's engineering team to create Canada United – a platform for Canadians to support local businesses near them. I learned a lot about SSR during this project; take a look at this article I wrote regarding SSR and localization in Next.js.

Ingredient Simplifier

As a project lead at Coffee N' Code last year, I got to teach beginner React Native to a group of ~60 undergrad students @UWaterloo! The app was fairly straightforward – it took a picture of the ingredients on a food label and spit out a list of easy-to-understand ingredients which ommitted all funny-sounding chemical names. Take a look at the source on github!

McGill International Portfolio Challenge 2019

My and my team were incredibly surprised and humbled when we were invited to the Montreal finals for the MIPC! The case revolved around a fictional Newfoundland pension fund that wanted to divest its $2B shares in the oil industry. Althought Team Laurier didn't win, our top 25 of 108 finish was more than what we expected for our first buy-side finance competition.